Breakfast Bowl Hotel Hacks


When I think of hotel breakfasts, I have flashbacks of consuming weak coffee and soggy eggs around the country (with the occasional stale muffin). Whether you're on tour, traveling for work or on vacation, that's not exactly the ideal way to start your day.


Breakfast bowls have been gaining popularity across the internet and cafes for a while now---and it's easy to see why: they're easy to make and packed with nutrition with virtually limitless options.

A few months back, I was in Philly for a couple weeks of rehearsals and decided to bring my breakfast bowl ritual with me. I was able to recreate many of the bowls I make back home utilizing an assortment of ingredients from the hotel's breakfast buffet stations.  Many of these items can also be found in a college dining hall! (Speaking of, did you catch my tips for eating healthy in college in Thrive?!)


The Base:

The one ingredient I supplied from home was my Protein Milkshake protein powder. As a vegetarian, I know it can be difficult and expensive to find adequate protein when I am away from home. I always like to have a stash of single-serving pouches of Protein Milkshake on me at gigs, at the gym or whenever I'm on the go. While I was in Atlantic City competing at Miss America, this was my go-to snack. They have a ton of whey and vegan flavors and it is honestly, the best protein powder I have ever tasted. 


For the base of my breakfast bowls, I mix one scoop of protein powder into a cup of plain, Greek yogurt. At the hotel, they did not have plain yogurt, but they did offer other packages of Greek yogurt. That 35+ grams of protein in the morning is going to get your metabolism moving.


Here is where you have to get a little creative! If you're looking, you'll find that there are plenty of options--- they're just hiding in unexpected places. 




  • Uncooked oats (found in oatmeal station)

  • Granola (found with boxes of cereal)

  • Boxed cereal


  • Craisons (found in oatmeal station)

  • Strawberries (found with fruit)

  • Whole Bananas (found in fruit bowl near coffee station)

  • Any fruit in fruit bowl, chopped



  • Honey (found in tea/coffee station)

  • Brown sugar/cinnamon (found in oatmeal station)

  • Sugar-free maple syrup (found near waffle/pancake maker)

  • Blueberry compote (found near waffle/pancake maker)


  • Peanut butter (found in condiment station for toast)

  • Walnuts (found in oatmeal station)

  • Justin's Almondbutter (single serving pouches can be found at Starbucks, if your hotel has one)


And when you're eventually bored with breakfast bowls...

So many businessmen were eyeballing my breakfast with envy as they chewed their sad, sad muffins. The hotel I was staying at was cool enough to have a mini-waffle maker, but most places I've stayed have a waffle machine, a pancake skillet or some sort of similar appliance.


For power waffles, I combined one part of the pre-made batter with protein powder, water and a scoop of yogurt. DO NOT FORGET TO GREASE THE SKILLET.


After the waffles were cooked, I sliced up a banana, drizzled some almond butter and honey and topped it off with a dollop of yogurt, granola and a few walnuts. The final product was hearty, healthy, delicious and certainly a change of pace from your typical, boring, hotel breakfast.


Happy Bitchen in the Kitchen! (...even if you're not in your kitchen)





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