📍Monte Carlo, Monaco: The Millionaire's Playground


Fast cars, casinos, high fashion and the highest per capita GDP in the world makes Monaco the perfect destination for husband-shopping.




But there were still some pretty cool things to check out in Monte Carlo, despite only being 3/5ths the size of Central Park.

I was told the Prince's Palace of Monaco was THE PLACE to check out while I was in Monte Carlo. And I had every intention of visiting the Sovereign Prince of Monaco's official residence.

One small oversight and several miles of hiking later, Google Maps said we had arrived, but there was no palace anywhere in sight.


Well, instead of the "Prince's Palace", Google Maps navigated us to "Monaco Princess Palace"---a motel across the French border.  























How is it even possible to get lost in a principality .78 square miles?

Plan B: continuing the trend of icecream for breakfast.

In the distance is the casino that ABBA references in the tune, "Money, Money, Money" and where three of the James Bond movies were filmed.

Just your neighborhood pharmacy. NBD.

A closer look at the casino: the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters was taking place at the time (hence the giant cakepop-esque tennis balls).

At any gambling casino From Monte Carlo to Reno, they tell you that a beginner comes out a winner. However, natives of Monaco are legally not allowed to gamble here. The government imposes this rule to prevent citizens from gambling away their money.

However, residents do not pay income tax either...which even gives the sidewalks a reason to smile.

Vote in my Instagram stories to let me know which city you would like to see next from my trip! Ironically, this sign has been staring at me since I sat down to right this post.

Its just not the same, Cafe Nero. Just not the same.



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