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Within a half-hour, $500 materialized in front of pianists Alissa Musto and Leon Novembre at the dim, stage-lit Lauderdale-by-the-Sea spot, their faces bathed in bouncing circles of greens and blues. Novembre turned to Musto, eyebrows raised, and quipped into the microphone, “Hey, why not play both?”

“People get a couple of drinks in them, you’d be amazed how picky they get with the music,” she says. “It’s all in good fun. This place is set up for crowd interaction.”...Read More

Day in the Life of Independent Artist, Alissa Musto

Owl Guru

One of the things that I love about my job is that no two days are ever the same. As a professional entertainer, I perform for many different types of venues and audiences. Some days I am performing for a packed rock venue of young, energetic college students. Some days I am performing background music in an upper scale lounge as patrons enjoy cocktails...Read More

How This Actor Uses Exercise to Memorize Lines


Alissa Musto recently made a career pivot to acting and found the secret to booking work consistently...Read More

The history of rock music is so full of amazing masterpieces that it’s difficult to say which are the best rock albums ever released. Still, in this post, we try to do exactly that. Our opinions are obviously subjective, influenced by personal preferences. That is why we asked Minuca Elena to reach out to 32 musicians and ask them: What do you think are the top three best classic rock albums of all time?...Read More

How Are Entertainers Dealing with Covid-19?

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Professional musician and singer-songwriter Alissa Musto has also made good use of her free time during the public shutdown caused by Covid-19. “I realized my best way to spend this time was to work on projects and material that I never get to work on when I’m on the road. I’ll never have this sort of time to create without distractions or pressure to get back to performing. I’ve been concentrating on finishing material for a new album, updating my social media and promotional material, self-taping auditions from home, collaborating virtually with other artists, and pursuing other creative outlets....Read More

An adaptation of the Langston Hughes’ poem “Sea Calm”, “How Still” is a tribute to the struggling cruise industry and 93,000 crew members still stuck at sea during the pandemic. A seafarer herself, Alissa Musto was able to return home before the CDC’s No Sail Order prohibited crew members from disembarking. Wrote, recorded and produced by Alissa, Olivia and William Musto from their home during quarantine...Read more

American singer, pianist, and songwriter (and 2017 Miss America contestant) Alissa Musto’s summer return to the Florida performing scene was a success as well.

Musto commented – “…in Florida, the shows and audiences …resemble pre-pandemic levels..sold out shows…no distancing/masks required and lots of bookings. The energy is great after a year of not performing, I’m definitely appreciative of my time on stage and look forward to every show. I think the audience loves being back out again and able to enjoy music, so they are enthusiastic…Read More

Singer-songwriter Alissa Musto’s last routine live show was on March 13 aboard a cruise ship in Mexico before the long months of quarantine began. Musto performed to a packed crowd that night and had no idea that the next time she would perform in person would be at the end of August to a socially distanced audience back home in Massachusetts. 

“I knew that it would be a while before I would be back on stage, however I could’ve never predicted it would be this long,” said Musto, who has performed live three times a week since the age of 18....Read more

Boston-based singer-songwriter Alissa Musto’s entrancing music has been keeping me company while I’m stuck at home, and she says she was very lucky – she was performing onboard a luxury cruise ship just as all the major cruise lines announced they would immediately suspend operations in March. Alissa said “Luckily, I was able to return home before the CDC’s ‘No Sail Order’ prohibited crew from disembarking!”

Alissa told me a little more about what she’s been up to: “While coronavirus has derailed my career, my living arrangements, my lifestyle and my travel plans, I’ve sought solace in the one thing it can’t take away; my music...Read More

Alissa Musto’s new single, “How Still,” pays tribute to the cruise industry that has been put on hold due to the COVID-19 crisis. The pandemic has affected hundreds of cruise employees, forcing them to stay aboard the ship for months. Lyrically, the song is an adaptation from a poem by Langston Hughes. Combined with her dulcet voice and years of experience on the piano, the result is a gorgeous piece of music...Read More

Alissa Musto has experienced first-hand the impacts of changes across both the entertainment and cruise liner industries due to the coronavirus pandemic. In this interview, Alissa shares how she started her career in entertainment, and how she is managing the changes due to the current pandemic...Read More

Professional pianist and vocalist Alissa Musto says one of her favorite wedding song requests is Haley Reinhart’s modern take on this Elvis Presley classic.

Based out of Boston, Massachusetts, Musto performs at wedding ceremonies and receptions throughout New England and beyond. This cover is a favorite for brides confidently walking down the aisle simply because it is so unique...Read More

Musician and singer-songwriter, Alissa Musto, has been nominated for “Songwriter of the Year” in the 2019 New England Music Awards. Alissa, the daughter of Billy and Janine Musto, grew up in Rehoboth and is a graduate of Providence Country Day School in East Providence...Read More

At four years old, I used to sit by the door with a guitar my mom bought me at a garage sale and beg my musician father to take me to work with him. He told me that if I learned to play an instrument, that someday I could. I started playing the piano that year. Since my dad worked at night, there were many days where I would accompany him to sound checks or rehearsals. I was always in awe when I saw him perform live. Today, in addition to having our own solo acts, we often perform together as dueling piano partners for corporate events and weddings...Read More

Any time you write a song that makes me think of John Fullbright, you’re in good standing. That said, Alissa Musto has written a captivating song that is perfect for the “beneath the stars” image that this playlist is all about. It’s about the city, but it also has this beautiful openness to it that’s just like stargazing. The genre blend works on this one because Musto’s style is just so likeable and believable. I want to hear what she can do on piano when she really lets loose! This feels like a tease of the potential of a rising new artist...Read More

Q) How Would You Describe Your Sound?
A) I’m a piano-based singer-songwriter and would describe my original sound as a combination of pop, jazz and folk. I consider myself a balladeer and a lot of my lyrics take on serious or emotional themes. Some of the music from my first album, What We Saw From The Piano Bar, is a bit more upbeat and I think that’s the direction I’m going to be heading in my next album as well.

Read More

Alissa Musto, a 23-year-old folk singer from Boston, doesn’t use Tinder when she’s touring. She doesn’t need to. “If you’re a performer on stage, people are going to flock to you,” Musto told Refinery29. “Online dating is the highlight reel. But when people see you performing, that’s your best self right here — you look good, you’re funny, you’re in your element. That’s the best advertising you can do.”...Read More

“The most obvious benefits I see are the increased self-confidence and self-worth that come along with being able to positively express yourself,” says Alissa Musto, a music education advocate and private piano and vocal coach based in Boston. “Watching the transformation and excitement of these students as a result of music education has been truly inspiring to me and reaffirms my efforts in music education advocacy.”...Read More

As a part of my series about pop culture’s rising stars, I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing an award-winning musician, singer and songwriter, Alissa Musto...Read More

Whether she’s performing, composing, staring on a television show, serving as captain of her high school tennis team or practicing with the jazz band, Alissa Musto, 17, is happy...Read More

Alissa Musto’s poise and professionalism resonate in every note the 18-year-old pianist and singer-songwriter hits on her piano. I’m mesmerized by her hands as they fly across the keys, effortlessly switching from Billy Joel to Bach and a Boogie improvisation. Winning her first music contests while still in the 12-and-under category, Musto’s star has been rising ever since. Her on-stage skill and magnetism has taken her from talent searches and national television airwaves, to opening for jazz legend Wynton Marsalis. The Rehoboth native shows no signs of slowing down (she’s headed to Harvard this month) as she continues a Saturday night residency in Portsmouth and will finish recording her debut album in the next few months...Read More

It depends on the day. As an independent artist, I wear many hats. While I make my money for the time I spend performing on stage, behind the scenes, I take on the roles of an administrator, social media managermarketervideo editoraccountantcostume designer, and many more...Read more

For Boston singer and songwriter (and Miss America 2017 finalist) Alissa Musto, her biggest inspiration is personal events in her own life. Her biggest musical inspirations are Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel and Elton John. “As a pianist first and foremost, I admire the emphasis that each of these artists put on their instruments,” said Alissa. “These musically complex arrangements are then paired with lyrics that tell a story and captivate an audience. There’s a lot of substance behind their work...Read More

Alissa, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
Growing up in a family of professional musicians, I started playing the piano at 4 years old. I used to wait by the door as my dad, a vocalist, and pianist would get ready to go to work, hoping I could join him. He told me that if I learned how to play the piano, someday, I would be able to! I started taking piano lessons and just stuck with it...Read More

Can you start by telling the readers a little about yourself?

My name is Alissa Musto and I’m currently living my dream performing music while traveling around the world as guest entertainer aboard luxury cruise ships. This year, I’ve performed for thousands of people while sailing through Mexico, Canada, Alaska and Hawaii, the French Polynesia, Central America and currently, New Zealand and Australia. As a pianist and vocalist, I perform all different types of music in my shows—from Bach to Frank Sinatra to Lady Gaga. I also write my own music, which I would categorize under the “singer-songwriter” style. This year, I was nominated for New England Music Awards “Songwriter of the Year” and while traveling, am always writing new music. My two albums can be found on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon and other music retailers...Read More

Dueling pianists bring music and comedy to FSU

The Gatepost

A black piano and keyboard sit adjacent to one another on the stage in DPAC on Sept. 8. Alissa Musto and Michael Scherr duel with pianos. The concept is two people performing on separate pianos. The catch is the audience suggests the songs, making the duel completely improvised. “The entire concept is meant to marry comedy and musicality,” said Musto...Read More

For the Musto family of Rehoboth, music runs in the family. Alissa Musto, 16, daughter of musician Billy Musto, is one of six finalists for the National Music and Arts Find Your Voice contest on Facebook. “(The Find Your Voice Contest) was a contest for musicians ages 13-17 nationwide,” said Musto. “...There were almost 1,000 entries, and they narrowed it down to six. The last few weeks there’s been internet voting, and the winner will get a scholarship for music lessons and $2,000 towards a new instrument.”...Read More

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