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On March 14th, 1891, eleven Italian immigrants were dragged out of a New Orleans jail, shot, hanged and clubbed to death as thousands of bystanders chanted "we want the Dagoes". The day before, nine of these men had been tried and found not guilty in the murder of Police Chief David Hennessy; the other two were being held on unrelated charges. Believing that the jury had been bribed, lynch law was considered "th...


Today, Donald Trump became the 45th president of the United States. This is upsetting to many Americans, particularly in my home state of Massachusetts. The election season brought out the absolute worst in people, even after (actually, especially after) it ended in November. The protests, the hate (spewed by both sides), the insults, the threats, the violence---it really is unacceptable and quite frankly, disgusting. I am dis...

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