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Miss Massachusetts FAQs

As Miss Massachusetts, I’ve learned that most normal people have no idea what a titleholder actually does (aside from fail miserably at answering questions about current events and infamously cry during their crowning moment). This has become increasingly evident from the series of interesting (and redundant) questions I am frequently asked. Even when I’m not in “uniform”, (aka the crown and sash) people at work or the gym will ask me about my mysterious alter ego, usually in a hushed tone so the interrogator doesn’t blow my cover. For many people, especially where I’m from, it’s a whole new world, a dazzling place you never knew. A good chunk of my time at appearances is spent taking intrigued onlookers on a magic carpet ride of my shining, shimmering, splendid adventures as Miss Massachusetts. Except in this case, I’m also the princess.

  1. Are you really Miss Massachusetts? Like the REAL one? Yup. All the other Miss Massachusetts’s are just imitating

  2. Are you going to be on TV? I sure was. Something like 7 million people and everybody I’ve ever met saw me in a bikini on live TV. Whoop. Whoop.

  3. Have you been doing pageants your whole life? No way. I’d been doing pageants for about a year and a half when I won Miss Massachusetts.

  4. When were you crowned?/When do you give up your crown? July/July

  5. What was your on-stage question? I was asked about marijuana legalization. I guess I made some pretty compelling arguments, because Massachusetts just voted “yes” on legalization.

  6. Did you meet Donald Trump? No. You’re thinking of the Miss USA organization, formerly owned by Donald Trump. And before you ask that next question, I’m going to leave this here for educational purposes.

  7. Are you going to/did you vote for Donald Trump? Um, maybe? But it has nothing to do with my title.

  8. What is in the box? The crown lives in the box.

  9. Can I have an autograph? Yes

  10. Can I have an autograph “for my sister”? Sure

  11. Can I take a picture with you? Yes

  12. What is your Instagram username? Alissamustomusic

  13. Will you follow me back on Instagram? Why not?

  14. Is the crown made out of real diamonds? Sure, let’s go with that! Last week, I had no idea what it was actually made out of–until I had to solder a stone back in.

  15. Is the crown heavy? Surprisingly, no.

  16. How do you get the crown to stay on your head? Anything is possible with bobby pins, child.

  17. What is your name? Alissa! And thank you for asking instead of just calling me “Miss Massachusetts”

  18. Can I have your number? Unless you are Jimmy Garoppolo, probably not.

  19. What do you want to do after you’re done being Miss Massachusetts? That is a great question. One I am still trying to figure out. I have a bunch of scholarship money to go back to school, so I’m currently studying for the GRE.

  20. Do you live in a castle? I wouldn’t quite call it that. But the premises are protected by two large beasts, Oswald and Penelope.

  21. Can you come to my birthday party? If I don’t have other “princess duties” that day, than yes. (PS. Book me at missmass.org)

  22. Are you a real princess? I’m kinda like the princess of the state?

  23. Do you have any brothers and sisters? Are they also princesses/princes? I have a brother and a sister and they sure seem to believe they are royalty.

  24. Is this your full-time job? No, I’m also a professional musician.

  25. What was your talent for Miss America? Piano

  26. Are you going to try to become Miss America again? Unlike jury duty, it’s a one time deal.

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