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This is not "Trump's country". This is your country.

Today, Donald Trump became the 45th president of the United States. This is upsetting to many Americans, particularly in my home state of Massachusetts. The election season brought out the absolute worst in people, even after (actually, especially after) it ended in November. The protests, the hate (spewed by both sides), the insults, the threats, the violence---it really is unacceptable and quite frankly, disgusting. I am disappointed in my country and my generation; not because of how we voted, but because of how we reacted. Last Wednesday, a 10 year-old student came to her lesson and told me that she was having a bad week because the "worst person in the world" was becoming president. She continued to rattle off a number of things about Donald Trump that were simply untrue. I stopped her when she started telling me how Puerto Rico was part of Mexico.

Like most children, she was simply reciting what she had heard at home. Still, it was upsetting to see a child anxious over an inauguration that she will barely remember and be told that she is not in control of her own destiny. I told her that she shouldn't let any individual, whether it be a politician, a teacher or a fellow student, define her happiness or let her "have a bad week". Are you frustrated? Are you upset? Good. That means you actually care. But don't use "Donald Trump" as an excuse for not bettering yourself, your career or your community today. Or over the next 4 years. Do you want to make a difference in the world? Volunteer. Donate. Mentor. Be that change you want to see.

This is not "Trump's country". This is your country. Start acting like it.


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