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National Doughnut Day: My Year in Doughnuts

If you follow me on Instagram, or know me personally, you know that I LOVE donuts. In honor of November 5th, aka National Doughnut Day (yes, I am aware there are two), I have compiled this collection of some of my favorite doughnut destinations from the year. While Boston boasts a doughnut shop for every 2,400 people, the most per capita in the world (lucky me!), my travels have introduced me to doughs in different area codes... and of course, some local favs.


PVDonuts, Providence RI

In the beginning, I was not the biggest fan of PVDonuts. I found the doughnuts too heavy and their out-the-door waiting lines and high prices didn't exactly appeal to me either. Maybe the recipes changed. Maybe I was just ordering the wrong flavors. Because when I gave PVDonuts another shot a few months later, I was pleasantly surprised. The cream-filled Cereal Milk is a colorful classic (with a vegan option) and they're constantly rolling out new, creative flavors. So much for New Year resolutions.


The Donut Pub, New York City NY

Prior to this year, my best friend had never been to New York City. We decided to take the train in for the day and fought off the freezing temperatures by walking around (and stuffing our faces) in search of the best donught the city had to offer. My favorite was the cozy and understated Donut Pub, which housed this magical creation known as the smores cronut---a chocolate and marshmallow covered cronut nestled between two graham crackers.


Broad Street Dough Co, Oakhurst NJ

After doing a photoshoot for a pageant magazine, I visited my cousin, who lives right down the street from this paradise I had seen on Instagram (and in my dreams.) These little guys, labeled with Jersey-centric names like “Route 18”, “Boardwalk” and “Belmar Bliss”, are made to order and will make you regret every joke you ever made about New Jersey.


Gail Ann's Coffee Shop, Arlington MA

My local fix. Tucked away right off Mass Ave, Gail Ann’s Coffee Shop is Boston’s best kept secret. Well, maybe it’s not quite such a secret; if you try to go after 2pm, your selection will be slim. Get there early and get the vanilla cream-filled doughnut. Be sure to grab a napkin—Gail is generous with the cream.


Allie's Donuts, North Kingston RI

Serving homemade doughnuts since 1968, Allie's is a Rhode Island tradition. However, their true claim to fame is their unbelievable (and massive!) doughnut cakes. You specify the flavor, shape and size (either large or extra-large) and it will be created, in the form of a giant doughnut. Both my sister and I have May birthdays, and I can't think of a better way to celebrate.


Sweet, Worcester MA

Fit for a queen! On my last night as Miss Massachusetts, my sparkliest accessory wasn't my crown, but these customized masterpieces from Chef Alina. The doughnuts were fluffy, glittery, and like my title, gone the next day.


Purple Glaze, Asbury Park NJ

Mini-donughts and music puns. Does it get any better than that?

Each pastry is made-to-order and hand-crafted with an “I can’t make up my mind” selection of traditional and unique flavors. They're small, so I felt less guilty about stopping in before heading to the beach---until I realized I had eaten six.


BomboBar, Chicago IL

I visited Chicago twice this summer—and had to buy another pair of stretchy leggings while I was there to accommodate the menu of Glazed and Infused, Do-Rite, Stan’s and BomboBar I crammed into three days. A bombolone, or bomba, is an Italian, hole-less, filled doughnut that is very appropriately named because it is a calorie bomb. At the BomboBar window, you choose your poison (caramel, nutella, peanut butter, maple cream, etc), squeeze the bottle, and try not to make a mess on your clothes.


Kane's Donuts, Boston MA

'Tis the season. Despite being 80 degrees outside that day, these bite-sized pumpkin and apple cider doughnut holes catered by Kane’s certainly captured the Fall spirit.


Shelburne Farm, Stowe MA

As L.M. Montgomery wrote, “I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers". This picturesque New England farm offers all of the quintessential fall festivities: apple picking, a pumpkin patch---and fresh, warm (and addicting) apple cider donuts. The deal was $2 per doughnut, or $8 for the dozen. Easy choice right? You'll just eat one, or two, and bring the rest home?

Yeah, yeah, keep telling yourself that.

What's your favorite doughnut spot? Where should I stop next? If you enjoyed this post, follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more blog posts and updates (and doughnuts). Or shoot me an email!

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