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Living my best life in Barcelona

Ahh, Barcelona! I really wish I had been able to explore this city longer than an afternoon and relive the 2006 Cheetah Girls sequel. It was so beautiful. It was so charming. It was so Raven.

Plaça Reial: it wouldn't be Spain without a little coffee and photo opp in the plaza.

...and donuts. Because, why not?

Something interesting I noticed throughout Spain (and particularly in Barcelona) was a lack of Spanish flags, especially in comparison to the visibility of the stars and stripes back in the States. The few Spanish flags I did see were almost always accompanied by the European Union flag or additional flags. I later learned that for many Spanish people, especially in northern regions, the flag still symbolizes Dictator Francisco Franco and Nationalists. Instead, many Spaniards feel a closer alliance with their autonomous community, similar to how we have states. Above, the Spanish flag is being flown, but alongside the flags of the European Union and Catalonia, the region home to Barcelona.

Settling back into normal life has been quite the adjustment. Driving was weird. Grocery shopping was weird. Hearing Boston accents again was weird. I don't recognize the songs on top 40 radio (not that this has ever been a strong suit of mine) and food just doesn't quite taste the same.

But hey, I'm just glad I can have iced coffee again. In a to-go cup.

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