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'Scusa me, but you see, back in old Napoli

Of all the Italian cities in my itinerary, I think I was most PUMPED for Napoli aka Naples. The Musto clan actually has it's roots in Naples; derived from the Latin term mustus which means fermenting wine, Musto was a nickname for someone who made wine. In the winemaking process, must is the freshly crushed fruit juice still containing the skins, seeds and stems and new wine, once it has already been boiled and put in flasks, is regionally known in Naples as musto cotto. (When people ask me what my last name means in Italian, I like to summarize with "mushy grapes".)

The Musto surname is found in all wine growing regions of Italy, but has a particularly strong presence in the Campania region.

Despite my grand fantasy of frolicking through vineyards in the Napolitan countryside, this is where the majority of my time in Naples was actually spent: leaching off free wifi to study while wolfing down americanos and cannolis at this café. Incredibly anticlimactic, but #GradSchool.

I did look up from my computer at one point and discovered that in a case of complete serendipity, out of all the coffee shops in Naples, I ended up at the one right across from the Musto B&B.

Crazy, right?

I also found out what happens to all those baby Jesuses that go missing from peoples' nativity scenes.

Let's talk about this view for a second. I also love these two kids playing soccer in their backyard that casually overlooks Mount Vesuvius and the entire city.

Naples: pizza and plazas for days.

Unfortunately, that's all I have from Naples. Like always, I'll be posting more pics in my Instagram stories and you'll be able to vote on which European city you'd like to see next! Soon, I'll be switching back to my regular music, entertainment and Bitchen in the Kitchen posts, so if you're sick and tired of hearing about my trip to Europe, it will be over soon. I also can't wait to share my plans for the summer, some new music and a few new exciting announcements soon!

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