How Still

MAY 2020

"This song captures the vibe and excitement of the modern pop scene, with a great production and sultry vocals, reminiscent of iconic artists such as Billie Eilish, as well as Lorde and Lana Del Rey...The track immediately stands out due to Alissa’s passionate vocal delivery and ability to turn a simple melody into something that’s quite memorable and magical." The Bandcamp Diaries


"Alissa Musto’s “How Still” is a brilliant record that shows both the power and art of music. The music is superb, from the vocal performance that plays the perfect narrator for the story, the lyrics that are thought provoking and engaging, and the production that’s big enough to handle it all." Global Money World 

Good Old Days


Hiding Away

MAY 2019

"This heartfelt and honest narrative will have you really thinking and the atmospheric production and chill harmony will help the healing."

Hot Lunch Music


“Hiding Away” is a one on one song so play it on your walk home at night with your headphones in while you try to tune out the world and let Alissa Musto make you feel a little less alone in this world." Its Not Records

"Alissa Musto quickly captivates listeners on her jazzy piano driven ballad titled “Hiding Away.” Her smooth vocals float beautifully over tasteful piano chords and riffs." Rock the Pigeon


"The talented Alissa Musto has released recently her new single Hiding Away and it an amazing track. I adore the sweet vocals which have a magical vibe. Beside, the lyrics are well-written and the atmosphere is wonderful." 

Le Future Wave 

X Post Facto

MARCH 2018


What We Saw From the Piano Bar



"Good musicians know how to make minimalism matter. Alissa Musto is among them. With its ever-changing tones and soothing sound, the singer/songwriter’s latest album What We Saw From the Piano Bar is beautifully understated." Sound of Boston


"In the end, it’s clear after a few (dozen) listens to What We Saw From the Piano Bar that Alissa Musto is a young performer you absolutely owe it to yourself to get to know. She has a unique mix of talent and persona, a certain je ne sais quoi that makes her stand out in a musical crowd."

Geoff Wilbur's Music Blog

"What We Saw from the Piano Bar' is an amazingly well done album by a true artist and when I say the word "artist," I am referring to the highest caliber of talent, the kind of talent that has depth and merit, technical acumen (both vocal and instrumental), training, passion and originality." Indie Spoonful


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