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What critics are saying about music by Alissa Musto

Geoff Wilbur's Music Blog

"In the end, it’s clear after a few (dozen) listens to What We Saw From the Piano Bar that Alissa Musto is a young performer you absolutely owe it to yourself to get to know. She has a unique mix of talent and persona, a certain je ne sais quoi that makes her stand out in a musical crowd."

Sound of Boston

"Good musicians know how to make minimalism matter. Alissa Musto is among them. With its ever-changing tones and soothing sound, the singer/songwriter’s latest album What We Saw From the Piano Bar is beautifully understated."

Indie Spoonful

"What We Saw from the Piano Bar' is an amazingly well done album by a true artist and when I say the word "artist,"  I am referring to the highest caliber of talent, the kind of talent that has depth and merit, technical acumen (both vocal and instrumental), training, passion and originality."

Shutter Sixteen Magazine

Global Money World

Alissa Musto’s “How Still” is a brilliant record that shows both the power and art of music. The music is superb, from the vocal performance that plays the perfect narrator for the story, the lyrics that are thought provoking and engaging, and the production that’s big enough to handle it all...Alissa’s vocal performance is the perfect storm of control and vulnerability, that instantly grabs you in, and makes you feel the song in your soul. The production is sets the perfect scene and the song writing is superb to make this a master class of music.

"The genre blend works on this one because Musto’s style is just so likeable and believable."

Ear to The Ground

How Still


Hiding Away


X Post Facto


What We Saw From The Piano Bar


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