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It’s been a year now since a kitchen fire disabled Jacob Wirth: the Theatre District’s German beer hall boasting the title of “2nd oldest restaurant in Boston” and a cameo appearance in the latest Ghostbusters film, at the time of its demise.


If I've seen you within the last few weeks and/or you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that I spent a good chunk of August in Alaska.  "ALASKA?! What? Why? How? Was it cold?"


When I think of hotel breakfasts, I have flashbacks of consuming weak coffee and soggy eggs around the country (with the occasional stale muffin). Whether you're on tour, traveling for work or on vacation, that's not exactly the ideal way to start your day.


Another birthday is here. I'm another year older, arguably another year wiser and have endured a another year's worth of accomplishments, mistakes and overpriced coffee.

Your early/mid twenties are a weird time. You have friends who still haven't graduated college with no idea what they want to do, while others have advanced degrees and are already few years deep in their careers. You have friends still living in their parents...


Of all the Italian cities in my itinerary, I think I was most PUMPED for Napoli aka Naples. The Musto clan actually has it's roots in Naples; derived from the Latin term mustus which means fermenting wine, Musto was a nickname for someone who made wine. In the winemaking process, must is the freshly crushed fruit juice still containing the skins, seeds and stems and new wine, once it has already been boiled and put in flasks,...


Fast cars, casinos, high fashion and the highest per capita GDP in the world makes Monaco the perfect destination for husband-shopping.


But there were still some pretty cool things to check out in Monte Carlo, despite only being 3/5ths the size of Central Park.

I was told the Prince's Palace of Monaco was THE PLACE to check out while I was in Monte Carlo. And I had every intention of visiting the Sovereign Prince of Mo...


Ahh, Barcelona! I really wish I had been able to explore this city longer than an afternoon and relive the 2006 Cheetah Girls sequel. It was so beautiful. It was so charming. It was so Raven.

Plaça Reial: it wouldn't be Spain without a little coffee and photo opp in the plaza.

...and donuts. Because, why not?

Something interesting I noticed throughout Spain (and particularly in Barcelona) was a lack of Spanish flags, especially i...



If you're following me on Instagram or Facebook, you've probably caught snippets of my past month meandering through Europe fueled by copious amounts of pizza, pasta and gelato. At the request of friends and family, I'll be compiling my adventures into a series of posts here on my blog over the next several weeks. Describing travel as "life-changing" is a huge cliche, but also a huge understatement. During what seems...


We've already established that breakfast is the most important, yet most frequently ignored, meal of the day. I get it; you're tired. You're busy. You're running late. But even when life gives you lemons, you can still treat yoself with today's Bitchen in the Kitchen recipe---guilt and gluten free.

These Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Protein Pancakes are packed with plenty of protein to jumpstart your metabolism, sweet enough to sa...


Tofu: the tasteless, slimy block of bean curd that according to omnivorous stereotypes, accounts for 90% of every vegetarian's diet.

The second biggest stereotype surrounding the vegetarian lifestyle? The myth that maintaining a plant-based diet is ridiculously expensive.

While the potential health concerns associated with consuming too much soy prevent me from incorporating it into every meal, tofu is pretty cool because it's...

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