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It’s been a year now since a kitchen fire disabled Jacob Wirth: the Theatre District’s German beer hall boasting the title of “2nd oldest restaurant in Boston” and a cameo appearance in the latest Ghostbusters film, at the time of its demise.


Another birthday is here. I'm another year older, arguably another year wiser and have endured a another year's worth of accomplishments, mistakes and overpriced coffee.

Your early/mid twenties are a weird time. You have friends who still haven't graduated college with no idea what they want to do, while others have advanced degrees and are already few years deep in their careers. You have friends still living in their parents...


Of all the Italian cities in my itinerary, I think I was most PUMPED for Napoli aka Naples. The Musto clan actually has it's roots in Naples; derived from the Latin term mustus which means fermenting wine, Musto was a nickname for someone who made wine. In the winemaking process, must is the freshly crushed fruit juice still containing the skins, seeds and stems and new wine, once it has already been boiled and put in flasks,...


Ahh, Barcelona! I really wish I had been able to explore this city longer than an afternoon and relive the 2006 Cheetah Girls sequel. It was so beautiful. It was so charming. It was so Raven.

Plaça Reial: it wouldn't be Spain without a little coffee and photo opp in the plaza.

...and donuts. Because, why not?

Something interesting I noticed throughout Spain (and particularly in Barcelona) was a lack of Spanish flags, especially i...


Tofu: the tasteless, slimy block of bean curd that according to omnivorous stereotypes, accounts for 90% of every vegetarian's diet.

The second biggest stereotype surrounding the vegetarian lifestyle? The myth that maintaining a plant-based diet is ridiculously expensive.

While the potential health concerns associated with consuming too much soy prevent me from incorporating it into every meal, tofu is pretty cool because it's...


If you're following me on social media, you know that I've been in the recording studio for the past several weeks working on some new original music for my sophomore album, X Post Facto. I'm very excited to announce that this Monday, February 5th, the first single, GOOD OLD DAYS, will be available on Spotify, iTunes, iHeart Radio, Pandora and more. But first, here is a closer look at what that process looks like.

After condens...


To the disappointment of my Italian heritage and professional chef BFF,  I struggle when it comes to cooking. I like the idea of being a wiz in the kitchen, but lack the skills and patience necessary for time-consuming recipes, complex ingredients and washing piles of dishes. Being constantly on the go, I'm on a quest to find and create the quickest, tastiest and healthiest meals---pretty enough for Instagram and simple enough...


Here's a first: January has been off to a great start.

Most Januarys, I find myself bummed out about the weather, slow at work and struggling to climb out of a health and fitness rut. Not this year. It's not what happened. It's what's happening. I have SO MANY exciting new ventures, new music and new shows in the fire and I can't wait to share everything I'm working on. Preceding two productive weeks in the studio, I dodged th...


Every Halloween, it starts to sink in: “well, there goes the year”. By the time the leftover candy is gone, Thanksgiving has arrived and the Christmas season, which the saner of us have done our best to conceal until this point, comes in like a wrecking ball. For a few weeks, we freak out over a little snow and buying things for other people, but to a soundtrack that manages to incorporate jingle bells into every song (a nice...


If you follow me on Instagram, or know me personally, you know that I LOVE donuts. In honor of November 5th, aka National Doughnut Day, (yes, I am aware there are two), I have compiled this collection of some of my favorite doughnut destinations from the past year. While Boston boasts 1 doughnut shop for every 2,400 people, the most per capita in the world (lucky me!), my travels have introduced me to doughs in different area...

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